Founded in 1991 by a group of businessmen, the Columbus Community Foundation has grown from a silent but generous and charitable organization to a Foundation committed to making a lasting impact on Columbus and the surrounding community.  Grounded in the fundamental roots of its Founders, CCF promotes the management of charitable gifts allowing individuals to make a lasting contribution to their community.

The Cherokee County WWI Veterans Memorial, commonly known as the Clock Tower, was originally made possible through civic contributions in 1919. Through a series of events, the refurbished memorial now sits on the courthouse lawn in a clock tower. The renovation and continued maintenance of the Clock Tower is made possible, in part, by grants through Columbus Community Foundation.

Current Directors
Ralph White, David Soper, Susan Schultz, Marta Brown, Sonja Duley, Trish Carroll, Jason Hulvey, Doug Mogle, Amber Wheeler, and Julie Reams 
Wes Houser, Melissa Proffitt, and Mandee Schmelzer

Columbus Community Foundation Adviser, Wes Houser
Columbus Community Foundation Officers 2016-2017
Chairman - Dave Soper, Vice Chair - Sonja Duley,
Secretary - Trish Carroll, Treasurer - Ralph White
Columbus Community Foundation Board of Directors 2016-17
Seated: Trish Carroll, Amber Wheeler, Susan Schultz
Standing: Doug Mogle, Dave Soper, Sonja Duley,
Julie Reams, Ralph White, Marta Brown, Jason Hulvey
What is CCF?
CCF is a non-profit, public charity organized as a collection of funds whose income is used for grants to charitable institutions serving the Columbus community.
The funds - establish by individuals, corporations, and charitable institutions - are pooled for investment purposes and are manged by a Board of Directors selected for their integrity, sound judgment, and knowledge of community needs.